Class 9 Biology Notes Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

Class-9 Biology Notes Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

Class 9th Biology notes exactly according to the syllabus of class 9th Bise boards is now available on 9th class Bio notes can be downloaded free of cost from Eilm website.These notes are prepared by highly qualified staff and we are working to improve quality and update these notes with passage of time.Biology is considered as difficult subject by students but class 9th notes we have uploaded on our website are made easy to the point so that students can get high marks in Bise Exams.These notes are according to paper pattern and it covers all important parts like short questions, long questions, Multiple choice questions MCQS.Here Below is list of all chapters of class 9th Biology Notes.The students can download their desired chpater notes from below section.

Class 9 Biology Notes – All Chapters

Main Topics to be covered in Bio Class notes 9th of chapter 1 are following:
● Introduction to Biology
● Division and Branches of Biology
● Relationship of Biology with other sciences
● Careers in Biology
● Quran and Biology
● Muslim Scientists
● The Level of Organization
● Cellular Organizations
● Identification of organs and organ systems in a dissected frog
Solving a biological problem is a great interesting and experiment procedure. The teacher must clearly teach these concepts in class 9. The following are the main concepts of this chapter.
● Biological problem, hypothesis, deductions and experiments
● What is the difference between Theory, law and principle
● Data organization and Data analysis
● Describe the steps involved in biological method taking malaria as an example.
● If a test shows that some people have Plasmodium in their blood but they do not show any
● symptoms of malaria, what hypothesis would you formulate to answer this problem?
● How the principles of ratio and proportion are used in biological method.
● Justify mathematics as an integral part of the scientific process.
At least 10 million kinds of organizations inhabits the Earth but only one third of these organism are being studied. In this chapter of biology class 9th the students will study the different types of organisms and its classification. The following are the key concepts of this chapter.
● Definition of biodiversity and its importance
● Aims and basics of classification
● Taxonomic hierarchy
● Species the basic unit of classification
● History of classification system
● Two kingdom classification system
● Three kingdom classification system
● Five kingdom classification system
● Five kingdoms that is Kingdom Protista Kingdom Monera Kingdom fungi Kingdom plantae and kingdom Animalia
● Status and significance of virus
● How to conserve biodiversity
● Impact of human being on biodiversity
● Causes and effect of deforestation
● What are the steps required for the conservation of biodiversity
All organisms are composed of cells. Some are singular cells and sum are multicellular cells organisms. The concept of cells and tissues is an important topic in class 9th Biology. The following are the most important topics of this chapter.
● Microscopy and emergence cell theory
● What is the difference between light microscopy and electron microscopy
● History of formulation of cell theory
● Describe cell structure and functions
● Difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
● How cells works as an open system
● Differentiate between diffusion and osmosis process
● Describe in detail animal tissues
● Describe in detail plan tissues
Cell cycle is the series of events from the time a cell is produced until it completes mitosis and produces new cells. The key points of cell cycle chapter are given below.
● Cell Cycle
● Differentiate between Mitosis and Meiosis
● Significance of Mitosis
● Explain the process of Meiosis and its phases
● Significance of Meiosis
● Comparison between Mitosis and Meiosis
● What is cell cycle and what are its main phases?
● The S-phase of interphase is important and a cell can never divide without it. Justify.
● How would you state the events of prophase of mitosis?
● Make a list of the events of mitosis.
How is mitosis significant?
● Describe the events that occur during the phases of meiosis-I.
● Contrast mitosis and meiosis, emphasizing the events that lead to different outcomes.
● Describe necrosis and apoptosis.
Enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions .The following are main points of chapter 6 class 9th Bio.
● Characteristics of enzymes
● Uses of enzymes
● Factors affecting the rate of enzyme reaction
● Mechanism of enzyme action
● Specify types of enzymes
● How would you define enzymes? Describe their characteristics.
● What do you mean by activation energy and why it is referred in the definition of enzymes?
● In a range of 0-35°C, the rate of reaction of an enzyme is proportional to temperature
● 35°C and below 0°C, enzyme activity slows down and eventually stops. Explain why?
● How does pH affect enzyme activity?
● What characteristic of enzymes makes them specific for substrates?
● Briefly describe the factors that affect the activity of enzymes.
● Describe the lock and key mechanism of enzyme action.
The key concepts of chapter 7 are following
● Bio energetics and role of ATP
● Oxidation Reduction reaction
● What is cell Energy currency?
● Explain photosynthesis process
● Role of chlorophyll and light in photosynthesis process
● Differentiate between Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration
● Mechanism of Respiration
● The energy budget of Respiration
● Outline the mechanism of respiration while defining glycolysis, Krebs cycle and electron transport chain
● compare respiration and photosynthesis
The process in which food is obtained or prepared, absorbed and converted into body substances for growth and energy, is called nutrition. The concepts which are key to learn in this chapter are following.
● Mineral Nutrition in plants
● Role of important nutrients like nitrogen magnesium in plants life
● Environment hazards for plants life cycle
● What are the components of human food
● List sources importance of different vitamins
● Effect of water and dietary fiber
● Explain the phenomena of Malnutrition
● Effects of malnutrition
● Human Alimentary canal
● Explain stomach digestion, churning and melting
● Large intestine absorption of water and defection
● Disorders of Gut
Transportation is an important phenomenon both for survival of plants and life. Transportation is an important concept for class 9th Bio Students. Here is list of key concepts that are covered in this chapter.
● Transportation in Plants
● Difference between Transportation and Transpiration
● Factors affecting the rate of Transpiration
● Explain the phenomena of transport of water in plants
● How transport a food occurs in plants
● Transport in Human
● Write a note on red blood cells white blood cells and platelets
● Explain in detail blood groups
● Pulmonary and systematic circulation
● Heart rate and pulse rate
● What is difference between arteries, capillaries and veins
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EILM.COM.PK Solutions Class 9 Biology

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Biology
  • Unit 2 – Solving a Biological Problem
  • Unit 3 – Biodiversity
  • Unit 4 – Cells and Tissues
  • Unit 5 – Cell Cycle
  • Unit 6 – Enzymes
  • Unit 7 – Bioenergetics
  • Unit 8 – Nutrition
  • Unit 9 – Transport

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