Class 9 Physics Notes Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

Physics Notes Class 9 Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum brings a new easily accessible way of learning . Learn Physics in a detailed manner with and delve deeper into various major topics of Physics like .Kinematics, Dynamics, Gravitation, Turning Effect of forces , Work and Energy , Properties of Matter , Thermal Properties of Matter , and Transfer of Heat etc. These topics are very important for students who wish to pursue a career in Physics discipline. Master these concepts and build a strong foundation to improve your expertise on the subject.

Class 9 Physics Notes – All Chapters

In this chapter you will study main topics of physical quantities and measurement chapter.The following are important topics here we covered in this chapter.important topics for exam like short questions, Long questions, examples and multiple choice questions MCQS.

  • Describe the role of Physics in science Technology and Society.
  • Differentiate between base and derived physical quantities.
  • List seven units of system international (SI) with their units and physical quantities.
  • Prefixes their symbols to indicate multiples and sub multiples for both base and derive units.
  • How to write scientific notations in measurements and calculations.
  • Describe the working principle of vernier caliper and screw gauge for measuring length
  • Identify the limitation of measuring instruments such as meter rule and screw gauge
  • Describe the need for using significant figure for recording and stating result in laboratory

In this chapter the all key concepts of kinematics and related topics is covered in detail.

  • Differentiate between rest and motion ,kinematics and kinetics types of motion.
  • Rotatory and vibratory motion and distinguish them.
  • Differentiate with example between scalar and vector quantities.
  • Differentiate with example between distance displacement speed and velocity.
  • Distance time and speed time graph interpretation.
  • Determine the slope of distance time and speed time graph.
  • Proof and derivation of equations of motion.
  • Solve problem related to uniformly accelerated motion using equation of motions.

Dynamics is the study of objects in motion under force .Here is the list of main topics given below which we covered in these notes.

  • Define momentum ,force ,inertia ,friction centripetal force.
  • Solve numerical problem using force equation.
  • Explain the concept of force by practical examples of daily life.
  • Define nucleus law of motion.
  • Differentiate between mass and weight.
  • Define thee law of conservation of momentum.
  • Determine the velocity of two objects after collision by using law of conservation of momentum
  • Define friction its type and the causes of friction.
  • Define prove the centripetal force equation.
  • Solution of dynamics chapter short questions long questions and numerical problems.

In this chapter you will study turning effect of force , torque and vectors.The list of important topics which we have covered in these notes are stated below.

  • Define like and unlike parallel forces
  • State head to tail rule a vector addition of forces and  vectors.
  • Define the perpendicular components of force.
  • Define moment of force or torque.
  • Explanation of turning effects of forces by relating it to everyday life.
  • State the principle of moments.
  • Define the centre of mass and centre of gravity of a body.
  • Definition of equilibrium its types and examples.
  • Conditions of equilibrium .
  • Describe the states of equilibrium and classified them with common examples.

The study of gravity is an important concept in physics.The following are the major concepts of gravitation chapter which we have covered in physics class 9th notes .

  • State Newton’s law of gravitation
  • Explain gravitational forces and compare it with Newton’s third law.
  • How to calculate the mass of earth by using law of gravitation.
  • Solution of numerical problems by using Newton’s law of gravitation.
  • Explanation of the concept of the value of “g”that decreases with altitude from the surface of earth.
  • Understand the concept of motion of satellites through Newton’s law of gravitation.

Work and Energy and its use in physics is an important concept in physics.Here is the checklist of important topics that are covered in these free class 9th physics pdf notes.

  • Define work and its SI unit.
  • Define energy kinetic energy and potential energy.
  • State and prove the equation of kinetic energy and potential energy.
  • Explanation of how energy can be transferred from one form to another.
  • State mass energy equation E=mc2 and solve problem using it.
  • List environmental issues associated with the power generation.
  • Differentiate between renewable energy and non inner renewable energy with examples.
  • Explain steady state system and its examples.
  • Define efficiency of working system and calculate efficiency energy formula.

Class 9 Physics Notes Punjab : chapter 7 free pdf notes covers all important topics for your BISE and Mdcat Exam. The topics list which are covered in this unit are given below

  • State kinetic molecular model of metal (solid liquid and gas forms).
  • Define the fourth state of matter i.e plasma.
  • Definition of the terms like density pressure, atmospheric pressure.
  • Describe how the height of a liquid column may be used to measure the atmospheric pressure
  • Definition of Pascal law and it’s daily life examples.
  • State the relation of pressure with respect to height and state formula for pressure p=rgh
  • Define Archimedes principle and determine the density of an object using Archimedes principle.
  • Definition hook’s law, stress, strain and young modulus.

In this unit you study about thermal properties of matter its types , all details about temperature heat and related topics.

  • Definition of temperature
  • Define heat and what is the difference between heat and temperature.
  • What are the basic thermometric properties of material to construct thermometer?
  • The formula to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and Kelvin scales.
  • Temperature increases with increase in energy.
  • Define the term heat capacity and specific heat capacity.
  • What is the difference between heat of fusion and heat of vaporization?
  • Explain the process of boiling operation and what is the difference between these terms.
  • Explain how operation causes cooling.
  • The phenomena of thermal expansion in solids like linear volumetric expansions.
  • Explanation of thermal expansion of liquid for example real and apparatus expansion.
  • Sold numerical problem based on mathematical relations of thermal properties of matter.

In this unit the students will get a brief details about modes of transfer of heat and all properties related to heat. The following are the important topics of the chapter 9 class 9th physics.

  • Define thermal energy and how heat is transfer from regions of higher temperature to regions of lower temperature.
  • Describe the molecules and electrons movement and how heat transfer in solids.
  • Define and explain the modes of heat transfer like conduction convection and radiation.

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EILM.COM.PK PDF Notes Class 9 Physics

  • Chapter 1- Physical Quantities and Measurement
  • Chapter 2- Kinematics
  • Chapter 3- Dynamics
  • Chapter 4- Turning Effect of forces
  • Chapter 5- Gravitation
  • Chapter 6- Work and Energy
  • Chapter 7- Properties of Matter
  • Chapter 8- Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Chapter 9- Transfer of Heat

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