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Computer Science Chapter 2 : User Interaction Complete Notes MCQ`s, Short Questions and Long Questions

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Chapter 2 User Interaction Notes Key Points.

  • Statement Terminator : The semicolon is used as a statement terminator in C programs. It indicates the end of a statement. Every statement in C program is terminated with a semicolon (;). The compiler generates a syntax error if a statement is not terminated by semicolon.
  • Format specifier :Format specifier is used to specify the format of data during input and output operations. A format specifier starts with the symbol %. Format specifiers can be used with variables, constants and expressions.
  • scanf Function : The scanf function is used to get input from the user. The input is stored in a variable in a specified form using format specifier. For example, the format specifier %d or %i must be used in scanf function to input integer data.

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