Class 10 Islamiat Ahadees Notes English and Urdu Medium Punjab Curriculum

Ahadith-e-Mubarika Free PDF Notes Punjab Curriculum

10 Islamiat Ahadees (Sayings of the Holy Prophet PBUH) Portion Complete Notes

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Ahadees Urdu Notes – مکمل احاديث نوٹس

Ahadees-e-Mubarika (Sayings of the Holy Prophet PBUH) English Notes

Ahadees (Sayings of the Holy Prophet PBUH) :

Hadith 11: “Salat (worship/prayer) is the pillar of (religion) Islam. Whosoever remained steadfast in holding it, established (Deen) religion, whosoever demolished it, almost (he) demolished religion”.

Hadith 12: “When on Friday you said this to your companion, “Be silent” while Imam was delivering the sermon, but you talked rubbish”.

Hadith 13: “One who jumped over the necks of the people on Friday (as if) he built a bridge towards Hell”.

Hadith 14: “When Salat is in progress, do not rush towards it hastily, rather walk with peace and satisfaction. Whatever part of Salat you get on reaching, perform it, then complete the rest of the Salat (prayer).”

Hadith 15: “Any one who observed fast for faith and reward, woke up during Ramadan’s nights, his past sins will be pardoned.”

Hadith 16: “There are two pleasures for a person who keeps fast. He has first pleasure at the time of Iftar and he will have the second pleasure at the time when he will meet his Allah.”

Hadith 17: “Whosoever performed Hajj and fulfilled the ceremonies or rights of Hajj fully and the Muslims remained safe from his tongue and hand then his previous sins will be pardoned.”

Hadith 18:“Whose feet were dusty in the way of Allah, Allah made fire unlawful on him.”

Hadith 19:“Every one is a guard (supervisor) and he will be accountable for his duties.”

Hadith 20:“The best among people is one who is source of benefit to the people.”

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