PM Ramzan Package Check Subsidary

PM Ramzan Package Check Subsidary

Utility store corporation usc has introduced PM Ramzan Relief Package 2024 on the directions of PM Shehbaz sharif.The Pakistani citizens will get discount and subsidiary on 19 different basic daily life items. This subsidiary relief package will be offered only to those citizens who are already registered in Bisp program. The candidates or family head having PMT score upto 60 are eligible for this PM Ramzan Relief Package 2024. To check your eligibility simple visit this link Enter your cnic and press submit button and you will see your eligibility details. The citicizens other than Bisp program can also avail this facility. For any query regarding PM Ramzan Pacakge 2024 call 0800-05590.

USC Org PK PMT Score is an important factor to check requirements of families or people for the Ehsaas Rashan Program. PMT Score BISP can be check at BISP Utility Store Subsidiary Program gives food subsidies to those Families/People who poor or jobless.

If your family is already enrolled in the Benazir Income Support Pragramme , and your PMT Score is 40 or less than 40 then your family are eligible to receive a PMT score Subsidiary package. 

In order to get essential details like How to USC Org PK PMT Score Check of Utility Store Subsidiary Program go through the article.

How To Check PM Ramzan Package Eligibility via

The Bisp Users, Who want to receive the free Pm Ramzan Rashan s have to follow these steps to check their pmt score check online . Due to BISP pmt score check online, The family gets offered free Ramazan Relief Program In order to check Their  pmt score check online via follow the below steps

  • To access your PMT Score BISP, start by visiting the official website of Utility Store Pakistan at Once you’re there, navigate to the PMT Score page by clicking on the following link:
  • On this page, a simple search box will come into view. This is where you need to enter your CNIC number, without including any dashes.
  • After entering your CNIC number, proceed by clicking on the Search button. The system will then display your BISP PMT score.
  • If your PMT score happens to be 60 or below, it means you qualify for the PM Ramzan Relief Package 2024.This program offers subsidized essential items such as Ghee, Sugar, Pulse, and Rice, Free Atta available at your nearest utility store.
  • However, if you receive a message stating that you are not registered when you Check PMT Score, it’s important to take the step of registering yourself in the BISP Ehsaas program. You can do this by visiting the nearest BISP tehsil office or any utility store whre Bisp desk help center will help you to register in Bisp program.
  • Make sure to utilize this information to benefit from the BISP utility store Rashan program and Ramazan Relief Program .

PMT Score BISP| USC Org Pk PMT Score Check


Eligibility Criteria For BISP Check PMT Score

The eligibility criteria for BISP Check PMT Score given below

  • All families or people must be registered in the Benazir Income Support Programme.
  • Families whose Check PMT Score is 60 or less are eligible to receive Ramzan Package Program subsidiary.
  • It is necessary to show your original national identity card at the counter.

How To Check PMT Score NADRA | PMT Score By Ehsaas NADRA

How To Check PMT Score NADRA | PMT Score By Ehsaas NADRA

What is PMT Score?

The PMT score serves as a specific criterion established by BISP to determine the eligibility of individuals and families for various programs, including the Ehsaas Rashan Program and BISP Subsidiary Program. This score is assigned to each family based on a calculation that takes into account factors such as total family income, expenses, number of family members, and sources of income. Families or individuals with a PMT score of 40 or below qualify for the Bisp Utility Subsidiary Program. Similarly, those with a PMT score below 32 are eligible for the BISP Ehsaas Kafalat program

How Do I Check PMT Score?

The Bisp candidates can now easily check their PMT score by visiting directly utility store of Pakistan website Like usc org pk pmt score check Link ( ). Once you open this website you have to enter your CNIC number without dashes in the search box. Click on the search now and you will see your PMT score.

The Bisp-registered individuals or families with a PMT score of 40 or less are eligible for the Bisp Ehsaas Rashan program. Similarly, the aspirants whose PMT score is less than 32 are eligible for Bisp Ehsaas program.

How to get sugar from utility store in pakistan?

To get sugar from utility store visit your nearest utility store .According to latest updates Sugar will be available for purchase at 2,100 utility stores and 750 franchised utility stores across Punjab. To ensure transparency and prevent fraud, original CNIC cards will be required for all sugar purchases. Each household is eligible to purchase 5 kg of sugar per month.

Which Subsidies Are Included In BISP PMT Score

The Benazir Income Support Programme BISP PMT score provides free food rations to its beneficiaries. These includes

  • wheat flour
  • pulses
  • Rice 
  • Sugar 
  • Free atta
  • oil etc.

Who qualifies for financial aid at USC?

Prospective students applying to USC can seek financial assistance if they meet the following criteria: U.S. citizenship, eligibility as a noncitizen (including permanent residents, refugees, or asylees), or meeting specific criteria as an undocumented individual. Additionally, applicants should have a valid Social Security number (if necessary) and be registered with the Selective Service System if applicable. Explore financial aid opportunities at USC to support your academic journey.

Does USC cover 100% of financial need?

USC is dedicated to meeting 100 percent of students’ determined financial needs, provided they meet all requirements and deadlines. This commitment reflects a longstanding tradition and a promise to support students in pursuing academic excellence without financial hindrances.

What is the minimum GPA for USC financial aid ( 2.00 or higher )?

To qualify for financial aid as a transient student at the University of South Carolina (UofSC), maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher is essential. Repeated courses and transfer hours are counted in both attempted and earned hours, impacting eligibility for federal, state, and private loan funding.

How hard is it to get USC merit scholarships?

The paragraph discusses the competitive nature of USC merit scholarships, with only 2% of early applicants being considered. It highlights three available scholarships: Trustee (full tuition), Presidential (half tuition), and Dean’s (quarter tuition). The scholarships reflect USC’s commitment to recognizing and supporting academic excellence. if you to know more information then click here on

To Check PMT Score Or Bisp Utility Store Subsidiary Program Post In News paper

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