Class 10 Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium Notes Punjab Curriculum

Chemical Equilibrium MCQ`s ,Short Questions and Long Questions Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

Chemistry Chapter 9 :Chemical Equilibrium Complete Notes MCQ`s, Short Questions and Long Questions

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Key Points of Chapter 9 :Chemical Equilibrium

  • Reversible reactions are those in which products recombine to form reactants. These
    reactions never complete. They proceed in both ways; i.e., forward and reverse.
  • Dynamic equilibrium state is one at which forward and reverse reactions proceed at
    equal rate but in opposite directions so that overall reaction does not stop.
  • Equilibrium constant Kc is a ratio of the product of concentration of products raised
    to the power of coefficients to the product of concentration of reactants raised to the
    power of coefficients as expressed in the balanced chemical equation.
  • Equilibrium constant has no units when number of moles of reactants and products are
  • By knowing the value of equilibrium constants, the extent of a reaction can be predicted.
  • Reactions having large Kc value, proceed almost to completion.
  • Reactions having small magnitude of Kc indicates that equilibrium state has established
    consuming small amount of reactants. Therefore, they never go to completion.
  • Reactions having moderate magnitude have comparable amounts of reactants
    and products at equilibrium state.

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