Class 10 Introduction to Programming Notes Punjab Curriculum

Introduction to Programming MCQ`s ,Short Questions and Long Questions Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

Computer Science Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming Complete Notes MCQ`s, Short Questions and Long Questions

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming Key Points:

  • IDE : A software that provides a programming environment for programmers to ,vrite and execute computer programs is known as Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The user can interact with the IDE using windows and buttons to provide input and get output.
  • Compiler : A compiler is a program that converts the instructions of a high level language into machine language. The compiler also detects syntax error. It does not compile a program that contains a syntax error.
  • Reserved Words : Reserved word has a predefined meaning and purpose in a programming language. The meaning and purpose of a reserved word is defined by the developer of the language. It can be used for the same purpose for which it is defined..
  • Discuss the main parts of the structure of C program.The main parts of the structure of C program include header section, main section and body of main() function. The header section is the part where header files are included. The main section refers to the main() function. The body of main() function contains all the statements enclosed in curly braces.

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