Summary of Unit 17 :Information and Communication Technology

  • The scientific method used to store information, to arrange it for proper use and to communicate it to others is called information technology.
  • The methods and means that are used to communicate information to distant
    places instantly is called telecommunication.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is defined as the scientific
    methods and means to store, process and transmit vast amounts of information in
    seconds with the help of electronic equipment.
  • Flow of information means the transfer of the information from one place to
    another through different electronic and optical equipments.
  • In telephone, information can be sent through wires in the form of electrical
    signals. In radio, television and cell phone information can be sent either through
    space in the form of electromagnetic waves or it can be sent through optical fibres
    in the form of light signals.
  • There are five parts that must come together in order to produce a Computer-
    Based Information System (CBIS). These are called the components of information
    technology. These are: hardware, software, data, procedures and people.
  • Information storing devices store the information for later use and benefits. These include audio cassettes, video tapes, compact discs, laser disks, floppy disks, and
    hard disks.
  • Telephone changes sound into electrical signals and sends these signals to the
    receiver. The receiver changes the electrical signals again to sound by a system
    fitted in the receiver.
  • Mobile phone is a sort of radio with two-way communication. It sends and receives
    the message in the form of radiowaves.
  • Fax machine is the means to send the copy of documents from one place to another
    through telephone lines.

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