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Class 10th English Unit 5 The Rain Poem Free PDF Notes Punjab Curriculum

Summary :

In the poem, The Rain, W. H. Davies used symbolic language to describe the natural elements such as rain. He was the great admirer of the nature. He explained how the rain drops get over the upper leaves of the tree and quench their thirst, then these drops pass on the lower leaves. All this process happens drop by drop. As he used the metaphorical language which means that the top leaves which are thick represent wealthy people in the society who receive majority of the blessings of this world but it goes little to poor people. The hitting of the rain on the leaves generate a soft music which makes the poet calm.
In the second stanza, when the rain stops, the sun will shine from the clouds which will lighten up everything. It will shine even the dark rounds of the rain drops. The sunshine distributed in the room thoroughly which will make the room a pleasant place. Then the poet wishes for that day when the inequalities between rich and the poor will be eliminated and peace will prevail in the society.

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The Rain Notes Free Pdf Punjab Board !

Q1:What according to the poet is a sweet noise?
Q2:What will happen after the rain stops?
Q3:How does the Sun come out after the rain?
Q4:How does the light fill the drops?

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