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Class-10 English Unit-8 Peace Summary

The poem is written by Dr.Hartmann. She discussed the nature of wind. According
to the poet, the nature teaches us the lesson through various means such as
wind, water, mountains and light. In the first stanza, the wind represented as a
source of destruction. When it blow hard then it destroys everything including
trees, fields and buildings. It does not care about anything even not of man’s
efforts and achievements.
Is wind good or bad? It’s both. It can vary from a gentle warm breeze to the
fury of a hurricane or tornado.”

In the second stanza, wind is represented as gentle and calm. It allows the life in
buds, birds and humans. The bright sky looks more beautiful when it blows
smoothly. In short, when wind blows in peace then it is eternal while the storm
form of wind is temporary such as war is not real. It will end one day while peace
will remain the truth.
There’s nothing as beautiful as watching the wind work its magic.

Gaining knowledge ,is the first step to wisdom,Sharing it ,is the first step to Huminity”

A glimpse of covered questions in English Unit-8 Peace !

Q1:How is wind desclibed in the first stanza?

The wind is described as a monster of destruction that is roars and break things apart.Its fierce mood results in catastrophic destruction that ruins all man’s work.

Q2:With what wind is compared in the first stanza?

Wind is compared with the monster of destruction in the first stanza.

Q3:What is wind doing to all man’s work?

The monstrous went completely destroys all man’s work. Anything built by man is smashed down to the ground and sometimes the things whirl and fly in the air due to wind’s rage.

Q4:How does the scene look like when wind is still?

When the wind there is peace and tranquility everywhere. The sound of the cool and gentle breeze brings about comfort and satisfaction. When Breeze makes a rustling sound with leaves of trees, it soothes ears, and humans look revived, braced and pleased.

Q5:What comparison is made in the second stanza?

In the second stanza the roaring monstrous wind compared to stillness and blue skies whit:h is positive sign for peat:e and tranquility while the roars of the wind are t:ompared to gentle whispers.

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