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10th A World Without Books Notes Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

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Gaining knowledge ,is the first step to wisdom,Sharing it ,is the first step to Huminity”

A World Without Books Notes Punjab Board !

Q1:How does a book connect the reader and the writer?

A book connects the reader and the writer by developing a connection as a bridge between the reader’s real world and the world described upon the pages.

Q2:In what way are books better than radio, TV and internet?

Books are better than radio, TV and internet as they are also a form of technology that is spread over the pages which we can read at our disposal to explore the complexities of life.

Q3:”It’s a slow food in a world given over to fast food” explain?

The term slow food is metaphorically used for the books and fast food is used for the blogs, text messages and e-books etc. Where slow food is better than fast food, the book reading is much better in nourishing the mind as compared to the instantly available knowledge and information.

Q4:Why should people be given more opportunity to read books?

People should be given more opportunity to read books because books are a shelter for those who travel for the quest of the knowledge. They are the symbol of sustenance as man lives his life by showing compassion and feelings for others.

Q5:Which book has inspired you the most? Why?

“The Sun also Rises” have inspired me the most. It is a novel by Earnest Hemingway. The reason is that it gives me message of hope and optimism. I get much inspiration when I t:ome at:ross the lines like. One gimeration goes, the other t:omes, the earth revolves and the sun also rises.

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