Inheritance MCQ`s and Short Questions Notes

Inheritance Short Questions and MCQ`s Free PDF Download Punjab Curriculum

10th Biology Chapter-15 Inheritance Short Questions Notes and MCQ`s

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A glimpse of covered questions !

Q1: What are homologous chromosomes? (Board 2013) OR· / What are Homologous chromosomes? How many of these exist in man?

Q2:How is chromatin/ chromosome made up of?

Q3:Define DNA replication.

Q4:Define a Gene. Write symbols of genes for any two traits.. (Board 2014)

Q5:Differentiate between dominant alleles and recessive allele.

Q6:Differentiate between monohybrid cross · and dihybrid cross. OR define monohybrid
and dihybrid cross (Broad 2014)

Q7:Define co-dominance. Give an example. (Broad 2014)

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