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Chemistry Chapter 13 : Biochemistry Complete Notes MCQ`s, Short Questions and Long Questions

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Key Points of Biochemistry Notes Punjab

  • Carbohydrates are polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones. They are classified as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.
  • Monosaccharides are unhydrolyzable consisting of 3 to 9 carbon atoms. They are sweet, crystalline solids soluble in water.
  • Oligosaccharides hydrolyze to give 2 to 9 units of monosaccharides. They are also sweet, crystalline solids soluble in water.
  • Polysaccharides consist of hundreds to thousands of monosaccharides. They are tasteless, amorphous solids insoluble in water.
  • Carbohydrates are naturally synthesized macromolecules. They are found in fruits, vegetables, cereal foods and milk.
  • Carbohydrates are main source of energy.
  • Proteins are nitrogenous compounds made up of amino acids. Thousands of amino acids are bonded through peptide linkage to form proteins.
  • Sources of animal proteins are meat, butter, chicken, fish and eggs.
  • Proteins are used by human beings as they are essential to form protoplasm.
  • Lipids are macromolecules made up of fatty acids. They are oils and fats.
  • Fatty acids are long chain saturated or unsaturated carboxylic acids.
  • Lipids are high energy compounds. They are synthesized naturally by animals, plants and\ microorganisms.
  • Nucleic acids are long chain molecules made up of nucleotides.
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a long double stranded molecule and is responsible for transmitting genetic information to next generations.
  • Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a single stranded molecule. It is responsible for formation of proteins.
  • Vitamins are necessary growth factors. They are divided into two types:
  • Fat soluble (A, D, E and K) and water soluble vitamins (B complex and vitamin C).
  • Vitamins play a significant role for proper growth and development of our body.

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