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Class-10 English Unit-7 English Little by Little One Walks Far Notes free PDF Downloadable

Gaining knowledge ,is the first step to wisdom,Sharing it ,is the first step to Huminity”

Questions Covered in English Little by Little One Walks Far Notes Punjab Board !

Q1:What are some distinctions of the writer?

The writer participated in various academic, literary and co-curricular activities and Won distinctions in the related fields during his school life. The most significant distinctions include Quaid-e-Azam badge in scouting, academic excellence award in district level declamation and essay writing competition and various positions in quiz competitions, computer application, geography and history.

Q2:How has the writer spent his summer vacation?

The writer has spent his summer vacation by holding several summer jobs like joining English Language Centre, Mcdonald’s and D.K Academy. The jobs helped him in developing sensibility to prepare himself mentally and financially.

Q3:What has he gained from his summer jobs experiences?

He gained majority and responsibility from his different summer job experiences that helped him in not to be worried about the future but to look forward to the challenges of the future.

Q4:How are these experiences helpful to him in future?

The experience of his summer job as a source of mental and financial stability is helpful in developing maturity and responsibility that will make him emotionally strong to look forward towards upcoming challenges of future life.

Q5:What kind of student is the writer? Which of his qualities impress you?

The writer is hard working, versatile and well-rounded student. He is optimistic and takes deep interest in firsthand knowledge to excel in life. His ambitious nature, determination, positivity and consistency impresses me a lot.

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