Summary of Unit 14 : Current Electricity

  • The time rate of flow of electric charge through any cross section is called electric current.
  • The current due to flow of positive charge which is equivalent to current due to flow
  • of negative charge in opposite direction is known as conventional current.
  • Ampere is the SI unit of current.
  • e.m.f. is the total amount of energy supplied by the battery or the cell in moving a one coulomb of positive charge from the -ve to the +ve terminal of the battery.
  • Ohm’s law states that the current I passing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference V applied across its ends provided the temperature and physical state of the conductor do not change.
  • Resistance R is a measure of opposition to the flow of current through a conductor. Its SI unit is ohm. It is denoted by the symbol Ω. When a potential difference of one volt is applied across the ends of a conductor and one ampere of current passes through it, then its resistance will be one ohm.
  • Materials in which electrons can freely move so as to pass electricity are called conductors while in insulators no free electrons are available for the conduction of electricity.

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